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Why Should I Plan Ahead

Why Should I Plan Ahead

Why Should I Plan Ahead

It might sound a little morbid to plan your own funeral, particularly at a time when you want to plan for a better future. The reality is funeral planning isn’t for you. It’s for those you leave behind. Avoiding funeral planning only passes the burden on to someone you love, at the worst possible time…just after you pass.

Ask anyone who has planned a funeral for someone else; it’s awful!

Yet there are several advantages to planning for your funeral early, at least at Bella Vida Funeral home in Boise, Idaho.

5 Reasons to plan your funeral now

1. Your loved ones don’t have to make funeral arrangements for you when they would much rather focus on mourning your loss and spending time with family.

2. You get to lock in today’s prices for your future funeral.

3. You get to decide what type of arrangements are made, including burial or cremation.

4. You can plan every detail, or give a family member permission to make some of the decisions. If you don’t think your loved ones will disagree on specifics, just ask anyone who has gone through this without a funeral plan.

5. Your loved ones don’t have to wonder what you would have wanted, adding guilt to grief.

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