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How is a body cremated?

How is a body cremated?

How is a body cremated?

Bella Vida Funeral Home uses a state-of-the-art cremation oven that burns at a very high temperature, and leaves no environmental residue or burn-off. The entire cremation process takes about 2-3 hours. The cremation remains usually weigh 3-7 pounds, and are placed is a temporary urn or an urn provided by the family.

Prior to the cremation, the body is stored in a special refrigerator until all certificates and paperwork are final, and the oven is ready. Loved ones may choose to view the cremation. Some funeral services may involve a viewing of the body before it is cremated. Please contact Bella Vida Funeral Home at 208-321-9661 or to arrange your cremation service.

The Cremation Process

A body is cremated in a special cremation oven at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. The intense heat dries the body and calcifies the bones. Bella Vida uses a secondary afterburner to ensure a complete cremation. There is no smell or residue because the emissions system destroys the smoke and vaporizes the gases.

Any metal objects, such as dental fillings or surgical objects are lifted out with a very strong magnet. We remove, or ask a family member to remove any jewelry or other metals on the body. Mechanical devices, such as pacemakers will also be removed to avoid any reaction with the heat of the cremation. This is usually done by the doctor.

Bella Vida Funeral Home of Boise, Idaho offers a dignified cremation which includes transportation of the body to the funeral home, refrigeration, cremation services, online obituary, and a temporary urn. Other funeral services are also available.

Please call us anytime at 208-321-9661 with questions or requests.

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